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Privately Owned Vacant Lots within ELVD

There appears to be some confusion in regards to camping/building on privately owned vacant lots within the ELVD. Based on Table 4 of the Town of Hillsborough Zoning Ordinance (amended March 13, 2018), any recreational camping is prohibited within the Emerald Lake Village District. There is recreational camping allowed in rural areas within the Town of Hillsborough (excluding the ELVD). Unless there is presently an approved water connection and authorized driveway in place, no building construction is authorized. In accordance with the Department of Environmental Services letter from Shelly Frost of the Capacity Development Technical Assistant Drinking Water and Groundwater Bureau dated April 21, 2017 no new service connections to the water system may be made until the ELVD resolves its source capacity and water system maintenance (leakage) issues. Also according to the conditions of the subdivision approval for ELVD, all lots within the subdivision must be served by a community water supply. Installation of a private well on an ELVD lot may only occur if a licensed septic designer receives approval on behalf of the land owner from the NHDES Subsurface Systems Bureau to revise ELVD's approved subdivision design.

District residents should understand that the present water system was established in providing enough water supply for only a certain number of District households. During the beginning years of 2000, massive home construction was completed within the district that surpassed those limitations of the present water supply. Since discovering the over construction issue, the District has kept a watchful eye on the water source and availability. Water conservation and water bans on certain usage are paramount and useful tools in preserving the District's water supply. It is hoped that all District residents contribute to the responsibility of the water preservation through their efforts in usage and reporting leaks. Water management is everyone's responsibility.

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles

Neighborhood electric vehicles are permitted on all District roads. RSA 265:158 states that neighborhood electric vehicles are authorized where speed limits are posted at 35 miles per hour or less. Pursuant to RSA 259:66-b, “Neighborhood electric vehicles” means any 4-wheeled electric vehicle that has a maximum speed which is greater than 20 miles per hour but not greater than 25 miles per hour, and which complies with the federal safety standards established in 49 CFR, section 571.500.

49 CFR, section 571.500 states in part that all low-speed vehicles are minimally equipped as follows: 1. Head lamps; 2. Front and rear turn signals; 3. Tail lamps; 4. Stop Lamps; 5. Rewflex reflectors - one red on each side as far to the rear as practicable, and one red on the rear; 6. An exterior mirror mounted on the driver's side on the vehicle and either an exterior mirror mounted on the passenger's side of the vehicle or an interior mirror; 7. A parking brake; 8. A windshield that conforms to the Federal vehicle safety standards on glazing materials; 9. A VIN that conforms to the requirements of part 585 Vehicle Identification Number of this chapter, and 10. A type 1 or type 2 seat belt assembly conforming to Sec 571.209 of this part, Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 209.


All Electric Golf Carts must pass a standard state safety inspection for this to be registered with passenger plates.

Electrical Shed

The Emerald Lake Village District is requesting bids to build an insulated electrical housing unit located at the District’s Patton Hill well sites. The District is looking to build an insulated structure to fit an existing 10 ft by 12 ft poured foundation with a ceiling height of 8 feet. A floor stairway into the basement area must be included. The building to be replicated may be seen by the water tank on Patten Hill. Those interested may contact any of the BOC for more information and/or submit their bids throughout the month of June to the ELVD, P.O. Box 2217 Hillsborough, NH 03244 Attn: Diane Cunningham.